Launching Spring 2024


We're a creative, community food system meant to shift the paradigm of food apartheid.

There is a growing food ecosystem rising from the ancestral soil of the Mississippi Delta. Our lands are producing more foods that feel like home and more recipes reminiscent of the smell of steam escaping the familiar cast iron skillet covered with the crooked lid. With Rootswell, we’re building a community brand that will connect all the dots of that ecosystem and bring everyone aboard.

Under this brand, we’ll be able to shine a light on the work already being done, as well as source funding and other resources for small farms and businesses.

We’ll help locally-grown produce find its way into local kitchens, onto families’ tables, and demonstrate a healthier way to live fully and joyfully in the Delta.

We're connecting the dots here...

From Soil to Soul.

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From Delta fields to your table

Working with the Reuben V. Anderson Center and the Delta Health Center, we're delivering 24 weeks of fresh and healthy Delta-grown fruits and vegetables to families along with healthy recipes. You can find the recipes we're sharing with participating families here.

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Meet the Team

Working together to create positive change for food and health equity in the MS Delta.